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Kinver OnLine is the website for the South Staffordshire Village of Kinver
  • Kinver Edge Toposcope


    The Rotary Club of Kinver has commissioned one of the country’s leading stone masons to carry out the refurbishment of the Toposcope on the top of Kinver Edge.  The 4ft diameter piece of slate that displays the information  has been attacked by the weather and is to be replaced with a piece of black granite.

    The lettering on the new top which will be an exact replica of the original created in 1990 is being carried out by Perfitt  of Norfolk whose work is to be seen extensively at the National Memorial Arboretum at Arlewas.  The Kinver Edge project is in fact to be executed immediately after the completion of a memorial commemorating the Battle of the River Plate.

    An unveiling ceremony of the refurbished Toposcope is planned for Saturday May 17 when Gavin Williamson, Member of Parliament for South Staffordshire will be guest of honour.

    After a comparatively quiet start to the year, members of the club are back in the swing of raising money, handing out money,  working for the community and enjoying themselves at the same time.

    The club has completed the distribution of the proceeds of the record-breaking Christmas sleigh collection, with more than £5,000 going to charities in the collection areas: Kinver, Stourton, Enville, Wollaston and Wall Heath.  As usual the beneficiaries cover the entire spectrum of society: schools and pre schools, the elderly, sporting organisations, the two Kinver village buses, hospices and other medical charities and social and recreational groups.

    Club President Nick Geoghegan says: “Being able to donate to so many worthwhile causes in the area makes the soakings many members received during the collection all worthwhile.”

    Replenishing the funds in the club’s charity accounts has been possible through a number of events. A “frugal evening” was held when Stef Caron at The Fox at Stourton served up bangers and  mash at  a rock bottom price while members paid their usual meal price, with the balance going to Rotary International’s initiative with the World Health Organisation to eliminate polio throughout the world. It is expected that up to £200 will be raised for the charity.

    More than £500 profit came from an evening of magic provided by local magician and illusionist John Milner, attended by almost 100 members and guests.


    2113340_9c61ad2cIt has been suggested by a District Councillor from Wombourne that Halfpenny Green Airport could consider promoting tourism in the area by using 16 seater aircraft to bring in high end tourists to visit places of interest which are easily accessible from the airfield.  At this stage there is no information about the number and frequency of such flights or the extra facilities that would be required at the airport.

    Any comments on this issue should be returned to the Parish Council Office by the end of April so that the Parish Council Representative on the Airport Consultative Committee (Cllr Mrs ER Davis) can report to that committee at its next meeting.

  • Supporting Imogen Westwood

    I received an email from Andrew Westwood, the father of Imogen, a girl who has been diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma, a type of cancer. Andrew asked if I could spread the word about an even they’re running to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Here’s what he has to say:

    “Anyone that knows Imogen will tell you that she is normally a very active girl – horseriding and being a stablehand are her two greatest passions – and she is unaccustomed to being ‘ill’. 
    Late last year she started to get pain in her shoulder and we all thought that she had pulled a muscle. But the pain persisted, and then she got some numbness in her arm too. Aftera few weeks she started to get some problems with her right eye and we took her to the GP. That’s when the current adventure started.
    Imogen bravely endured MRI, bone and CT scans, had a biopsy operation and most recently a bone marrow extract. We learned that she has a condition called ‘Ewings sarcoma’, which means that she has some malignant tissue in her upper chest. That’s the wee beastie that was causing her symptoms by squeezing her nerves.
    She is now being looked after by a team at Birmingham Children’s hospital, under a very knowledgeable consultant called Dr Morland. She is about to start chemotherapy to get rid of the tumor, and that’s a long process. I’m proud to say that she is upbeat and positive about this. In fact she has made us proud since she first put in an appearance in the Westwood family :)
    Chemotherapy is a bit of a bugger really. She’ll be unable to ride horses, and because the medicines mess around with your immune system she’ll have to be careful to avoid other illnesses. That won’t always be successful and sometimes she’ll be poorly. We want her friends to understand this and to help her through. 
    This page (http://on.fb.me/PzVyr6) is being run by her brother Alistair, and we’d love for people to use it to keep up to speed with Imogen’s progress and – most importantly – to keep in touch with us and with her. 
    Thanks everyone :)”
    Since she came to BCH Imogen has been looked after by Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity we’ve really come to appreciate. To “give something back”, Alistair and I decided to shave our heads and ask people to donate to TCT. We’ve since been joined by my dad and brother, and Alistair’s college friend Nathan. We’ll all undergo the scalpings on Sunday 23rd March, 4pm-6pm at Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church hall in Kingswinford. So far we have raised nearly £2,700 for TCT. Alistair has a donations page here:
    We would love to see people come to the event (dubbed the “De-Wookie-fication” on account of Alistair’s resemblance to Chewbacca), and for more kind souls to bung a few quid into the TCT donations hat if they can. We’d also like people to follow her Facebook page (over 400 do so far), as it gives her focus and encouragement to read the comments that people leave. We like to think it’s a fairly entertaining page too :)

Find out about where to eat or stay in Kinver Village, what businesses and shops trade in the village and how to enjoy a full day out in this wonderful little oasis of the Black Country. There is plenty to be enjoyed by all the family for tourists, and villagers alike. A brilliant location to live or to visit for a holiday.
Browse our pages for information regarding the heritage of Kinver village and Kinver Edge - an area of outstanding natural beauty which has been found to be incredibly important historically. Please Follow Us or contact us if you have any information you believe would be of use, or if you are interested in advertising on our pages.

The award winning village of Kinver and the surrounding countryside is steeped in history dating back thousands of years. The centre of Kinver village was planned in the feudal 13th century during the reign of the Plantagenet Monarchs, and the original burgage plots along the High Street remain today. There are plenty of Tudor Houses and Inns which have won awards for their restoration. The village was within the Royal Forest of Kinver, and nearby Stourton Castle was the Royal Hunting Lodge and Royal Forester’s lodge for King John. Kinver Forest was part of a large forest which included Wyre and Morfe Forests. Whilst the forest is a shadow of it’s once large expanse, Kinver can be easilly located with good accuracy in Google Earth from a great height.

Kinver Edge is a woodland sandstone ridge high above the village offering fantastic views across the West Midlands and surrounding counties, now owned by the National Trust. The sandstone rocks date back 230 million years to when dinosaurs roamed the planet, and are said to be the last inhabitated caves in Europe. The Martindale Caves were restored and reopened to the public in 2012. The Staffs & Worcs canal passes through the village at Dunsley, and is popular for boaters passing through on a boating holiday, walkers, cyclists and anglers.

Download one of our featured walks with a route map to enjoy the pleasant and tranquil countryside in and around Kinver, Dunsley and Compton.

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