Roman Baths

Local¬†archaeologist Dr Douglas A Pitt said “It has been rumoured that Roman baths may have existed in Bath Lane, although some sources have suggested that the baths may have been a victorian creation for the daughter of the Brindley’s who lived in Brindley Hall around 1860″

Kinver BathsOn visiting the site in Bath Lane, Kinver,  he was shocked to discover that the site had been sacked by Vandals , who were an East Germanic tribe that entered the late Roman Empire during the 5th century. 

There is however a lot of evidence of plebeian activity at the site, and initial non invasive photoscans of the site suggest that Proletarius may have been involved.

It is said that the baths had white ceramic tiles, and a small open fire and chimney, but no evidence has been discovered to support this.

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