Historic village and over 300 acres of countryside

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Welcome to Kinver!


Situated just outside the Black Country at the very south of South Staffordshire and bordering Worcestershire and Shropshire, Kinver is an oasis of calm and a popular place to escape busy life.

With plenty of pubs, shops and restaurants, it has something for everyone.

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Update on the KSCA

Update on the KSCA

Over the past few years, the KSCA has taken on a new life, with people rallying round to tell people about its facilities and promote it as the ideal place to hold an event, a party or just to have lunch. But, this is just the beginning, the future is bright for the...

Kinver Edge to Kilimanjaro 2020

Kinver Edge to Kilimanjaro 2020

I picked up the request from Andy Calloway to write a few words for kinveronline as I sat outside the registration office on the way out of the Kilimanjaro national park in Tanzania. A few minutes earlier I had completed the seven day trek to the highest point in...

What can you put in your bin?

What can you put in your bin?

In Kinver we have the blue, green and grey bins which are for recycling, garden waste and general waste respectively, but what exactly goes in each and what happens if you put the wrong thing in the wrong bin? Well, the first thing to understand is that the recycling...

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What’s On In Kinver

april, 2020

Kinver Organisations and Clubs

Kinver has dozens of clubs and organisations, read about them here.

kinver eco collective

Find out about Kinver’s group of individuals pushing for a more sustainable lifestyle.

what's on

Kinver hosts dozens of great events throughout the year, read about them here.

National Trust

The National Trust manages the Kinver Rock Houses which is visited by over 70,000 every year.