Historic village and over 300 acres of countryside

Welcome to Kinver!


Situated just outside the Black Country at the very south of South Staffordshire and bordering Worcestershire and Shropshire, Kinver is an oasis of calm and a popular place to escape busy life.

With plenty of pubs, shops and restaurants, it has something for everyone.

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Penelope’s photograph is a winner

Penelope’s photograph is a winner

Stourbridge schoolgirl Penelope Barstow has beaten youngsters  from across the Midlands to take first place in the second round of a nationwide photography competition organised by the Rotary organisation. Penelope had already beaten almost 50 pupils from her own...

Kinver Edge – Trek to Türkiye

Kinver Edge – Trek to Türkiye

On March 26th, 2023, the West Midlands Fire Services UK ISAR team are walking the distance from the UK to Turkey – 1350 miles, doing 3-mile laps of Kinver Edge during a 12-hour period – from 7am until 7pm. That’s 450 laps! Why Kinver Edge? It’s where ISAR runs its...

Sheepwalks Shocker 10K returns n October

Sheepwalks Shocker 10K returns n October

The Sheepwalks Shocker, the multi terrain 10k run that lives up to its name, is returning after a two-year Covid-enforced absence. Joint organisers Action Heart and the Rotary Club of Kinver are well ahead with their plans to bring the event back to the rolling hills...

Ukrainian family welcomed in Kinver

Ukrainian family welcomed in Kinver

In March, Diana, Igor and their children made the difficult decision to leave Ukraine and move to Kinver, the BBC reports:

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Kinver Organisations and Clubs

Kinver has dozens of clubs and organisations, read about them here.

kinver eco collective

Find out about Kinver’s group of individuals pushing for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Kinver hosts dozens of great events throughout the year, read about them here.

National Trust

The National Trust manages the Kinver Rock Houses which is visited by over 70,000 every year.