Kinver Parish Council are just starting the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan.

Making the Plan is an opportunity for the community to develop a vision for Kinver, and use this to affect future developments.  The Plan can help to protect our landscape and heritage and to facilitate the kind of changes we need. 

By making a Neighbourhood Plan, we can influence where building in our parish goes, and what it should be like, at an earlier stage.

The Plan can also set out a strategy identifying what changes and improvements we want to promote, as opportunity or funding arise.  In this time of great change, it’s a real chance to rethink what we are aiming for. 

If the Plan is going to do its job, it’s vital to ensure that it reflects local needs and aspirations. Getting this right will mean the involvement of local residents and businesses at all stages. 

There will be an initial consultation in spring (Covid permitting) to seek everyone’s views on the issues and objectives which the Plan should address.  

Individuals are also needed throughout to participate in the process of putting all the information together and drawing up the Plan.

The new website ( gives further information, and contact details.