road layout on the vine bridge

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road layout on the vine bridge

Postby me11 » Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:46 pm

what a joke

Priority will be UPHILL

expect cars to do late braking coming downhill to a complete stop
which idiot did the surveying and decided on that
i dont even agree with the footpath

no footpath meant pedestrians would be more carefull when walking over and would tend to watch for traffic both ways,, with footpath they are put into a false sense of security meaning they are less likely to keep an eye out, end result car coming down does not see the one coming up till the last minute, car coming up (or bus or truck maybe) has priority so continues over the hump, car coming down simpley cant stop in time and ends up in path of oncoming vehicle, vehicle going up attemps to steer away (natural reaction) and before you know it he is up on the pavement right where mum and child is who all along thought they were safe and sound on the footpath but they have absolutely NOWHERE to run to unless there going to attempt to jump the wall (i think not), suddenley the bridge becomes a deathTRAP which it has never been before
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