Noisy bleerders II

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Noisy bleerders II

Postby snetta » Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:07 am

The past few months randomly but getting more frequently I've been woken by something but couldn't figure out wot!
Been lying there trying to get back off & occasionally hearing something that sounding like an old dial-up modem or fax connecting, very strange!
Anyway it's been driving me mad, then it clicked - it's the audible 'security" on the kids play area by the KSCA
It's been going off all night tonight & being a lovely still night it don't half travell.
I thought our cherished little Kinver hoodies surely couldn't still be sat down there?
Nope, I gave in @ daybreak & had a stroll down, nowt but a gaggle of rabbits (step in Boycee?), pigeons & magpie being greeted by the several beeps & a voice announcing they were being watched by CCTV
FFS the council installed (presuming here?) gadgets are actually adding to the ASBO crew we have to put up with, jeez :mad:
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