A449 Road Quality at Whittington

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A449 Road Quality at Whittington

Postby Freddie » Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:48 pm

There has been a major accident waiting to happen on the A449 at the Whitington for months. This morning was the inevitable occasion

Flood water has poured off the fields onto the road for months, a spring has sprung up in the middle of the southbound carriageway and has spouted water over the carriageway for weeks. The road surface is now breaking up leaving a large sink hole. The council have put up insurance waivers in the form of ice warning signs rather than properly grit the roads (ie ice sign means "this road is not gritted to save money"). The spring water froze, and this morning a car heading north hit the resultant ice and ended up on it's roof on the opposite verge. The police spend money sorting the carnage, the authorities gamble costs and lives against the the cost of properly gritting, but when I returned at 1030, the road had been gritted anyway, but too late.

I do not know if anyone was hurt, but I would like to know what the council/Highways are doing about the A449 at Whittington. Who is responsible, and who should be responsible for maintaining the main trunk roads? The accident this morning was preventable. I doubt speed was the issue.
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