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Self Defence Courses

PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 9:31 am
by Admin
If anyone's interested, my Kung Fu instructor and good friend Barry Westley together with a top police self defence training fella called Matt (forgot to get his last name but he lives in the village) will be doing a self defence course on the 28th April in Morville.

It's a full 6 hours of (1) how to avoid getting in a fight, (2) how to get out of a fight and, should the assailant be a complete jerk who doesn't get the hint, (3) how to make sure they go down and stay down. The last bit is particularly good fun.

It's for adults only (we swear a lot), bring sandwiches, tea is provided (so civilised).

£25 for the day.

Disclaimer: At this point some more alarmist adverts would talk about how dangerous the streets are and how everyone should do this to defend themselves. We do not live in a dangerous country, whatever crap you read in the papers. I'm from Tividale in Oldbury and I've never got to stage (3) above even though I spent many a drunken night on Birmingham Broad Street and in the centre of Wolverhampton (you're more likely to die of herpes there).

However, it's a cracking day, a good laugh and when you get back you can have fun getting your kids in headlocks.

PM me if interested.