£19 & £29 deals at Premier Inn

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£19 & £29 deals at Premier Inn

Postby Admin » Wed Dec 29, 2010 2:45 pm

You may have seen adverts for Premier Inn doing super-cheap deals and then tried to find them. Pain in the ass though because you have to go through each Inn, each date yadda yadda and then you might drop on the deal. So, I writted a proggy to do it for me. I've shared it as a calendar, go see it here :

http://www.callowaygreen.com/blog/2010/ ... eap-deals/

Badda-bing. Look for a date, find a hotel then pop to Premierinn.com to book it. Problem is they're going all the time and this snapshot was taken this morning so they may be gone. You've also only got two days to book 'em.

Happy holidaying!
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